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Take the First Step!

When it comes to goals, going after them doesn't have to be intimidating and first steps don't have to be big!

Over the last month (honestly, maybe longer), I have really let my health and fitness take a back seat. I ate healthy enough, and I exercised every day, but I had zero intention behind it. Without intention or goals, my diet and exercise were mediocre at best. Foods that don't serve me or fuel me became acceptable, and not breaking a sweat during my workout became okay. And over time, I have become a little more tired and a lot less motivated.

So last week, after realizing how unhappy I was with my health and deciding to do better, when a friend of mine posted that she was starting a new health & wellness challenge and asked if anyone wanted to join her, I immediately thought, YES! And then I thought, oh no no! Do I really want to hold myself accountable to someone else? I mean, how annoying, right? I proceeded to think up at least 10 excuses for not joining her. They all made perfect sense... for anyone who doesn't actually want to change. So, instead of making excuses, I thought about my goals. I want to reclaim my health. I want to feel better physically and mentally because that impacts everything else I do. So, I took my first step in doing so and I said, I'll join! It was that simple.

That first step (saying, yes and joining an accountability group) was my first step in achieving my goal of better health and fitness. It seems so small - I can't see any direct or immediate results from it right this moment, but in the long run my results are going to be big.

Another thing that I have let slide over the past few months is my writing, so here I am. Small step number one, sharing with you.

You may not see immediate results from your first step, but through commitment and consistency, you will look back in a year and marvel at how far you've come.

By taking small steps, we can achieve amazingly big results.


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