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30 Days of Less

I recently posted about being able to "do it all" and at the time I thought, yes, we can, but should we? Do we want to? Honestly, the right thing to say would have been this: We can't. We can't do it all, nor should we. Y'all, we don't have the time, the talent, or the need to do it all. We weren't designed to be and do everything, BUT, that's a post for another day...

Today I wanted to share this...

In the last 30+ days, I have striven for less. That sounds strange right? Who in the world strives for less? Well, let me tell you - I did, and striving for less has given me so much more.

Over the last month, my first "less" goal was less social media. I publicly shared that I was stepping back from coaching and creating content, but I also made it a goal to not spend time consuming because, let's be real, it's addictive and it's not good for our mental, emotional, or spiritual health.

So, over the last 30 days, I've spent less than 15 minutes a day on social media. Yes, I tracked it. I put a time limit on my phone, so I don't go over. The only reason I've gotten on is to share a couple breathwork sessions, and to keep up with certain people. It's been LIFE ALTERING. Not only do I not waste time consuming social media, meaning I'm not scrolling mindlessly or looking at people who have ZERO impact on my life, I'm not wasting my physical time trying to look or feel good enough to post and share on there. If I want to, I do it. If not, I don't.

BUT, MORE IMPORTANTLY? I have more LIFE. Yes, more life. I have learned and done so

many fun things. Some of the best moments? I learned to cross-stitch, to make a pop-up card, how to make sourdough bread, I found joy in serving my family, I lost 10lbs without a whole lot of hard work (and gained 2 back because, hi, Christmas cookies - but then I lost it again), I enjoyed time with my family NOT worried about capturing the moment to show how real and relatable I am, I went on vacation and was PRESENT, I have LESS stress, LESS anxiety, LESS worry... and I feel more connected and confident than I ever have. I have gained so much by intentionally striving for less of one thing. And honestly, I didn't seek out most of those gains. I didn't plan on learning anything new. I didn't try to lose weight. I didn't intentionally try to lessen my stress or anxiety. I just knew social media was not serving me, and I chose to break that cycle. All of those things, they just kind of came naturally.

Can you imagine if we strive for less of other things? Things that don't actually serve us? Things we are kind of sort of addicted to, but they're socially acceptable so we can't actually call it that?

One of my next less goals, is TV. I actually don't watch a lot. The only ToV showsvle I've watched in the last 8+ years are Yellowstone and The Chosen, but as a family we do tend to fall into the rut of watching movies in the evening when we're "so pooped" (and I usually fall asleep on the couch within 10 minutes anyway, and then don't get a great night's sleep when I go to bed). Honestly though, if I busted out a book or my journal or my computer to write, I wouldn't be "so pooped" because those things energize me... and a nice conversation at the end of the day is pretty sweet too 😊

ANYWAY, over the last year "Friday Family Night" somehow morphed into movie night, so we are changing it up this year! Friday is now "family adventure night" so it will not be around a screen, and we opted to continue watching The Chosen on Sunday evening as our weekly TV time. I'm sure there will be other times for movies (sick kids, bad weather, etc) but as of right now, less TV is the goal. We'll see what it brings!

PS. One of my favorite realizations if that I LOVE what I was doing. I love helping and coaching right alongside breathwork. And I KNOW it's in my future, but right now I am happy to spend some time investing in myself and my family.

(Just a few of the fun moments captured over the last month...)

These were my first two!

Melody teaching me to make a pop-up card

Travis making fun of me 😂

Learning cross-stitch!

We took the kids on a surprise cruise!


Liberty Of The Seas

Ugly Sweater Party!

He makes all of this so much more fun!

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I am glad to see you spending time on the "right" things.

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