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Dear Diary,

Gosh, it's been a while. To be honest, this feels awkward. Where to even start? I guess I don't need to play catch-up trying to write about everything that has happened since I quit being here. It will all come out in bits and pieces. For now, I'll commit to writing something every week.

I updated my home page today and re-published my website. Ugh, the bio... How does anyone ever write an actual biography about themselves? I went back and forth. Wrote, deleted, rewrote. Is it too much? Not enough? Honestly, I probably did write too much, but I don't want to provide a mini highlight reel to make myself look good. My best self comes from experiences both good and bad, and I think that's okay to share. Remembering I don't have to (and literally can't) please everyone is difficult sometimes, but I'm going to go ahead and continue working on that. Also, I'll probably change it 10 more times until it feels right, just fyi.

Up next, photos. It's probably time to update the stock ones that I've left sitting.

XO, Caley


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