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I Love You, Do You?

Here's the thing - I started making content because I wanted you to fall in love with YOUR life. Not mine.

I'm not an influencer. I don't want to be one. I don't want "followers" who just click follow because they like my clothes or because I'm 30 seconds of entertaining motivation. When I post something that will ACTUALLY help people, when I give someone the opportunity for coaching, for healing, for true and legitimate growth - and next to no one buys in (free or not) - that's how I know I don't have invested people. I don't have people following me because they actually want to invest in themselves and change.

I heard someone liken social media content to dinner. The free content we are providing in 30-60 reels are the appetizers, and the in depth coaching courses, breathwork sessions, and master classes that cost money are the main course.

There are hundreds of thousands of people filling up on all the free appetizers, and then they have NO desire to pay for or dig in to the main course. Why would they when they are filling up on and receiving all of these “appetizers” for free?

Here's the thing, those little appetizers, the tidbits of motivating content given to you are just enough to get through your day. Maybe a little longer. Those little tidbits of great information and encouragement are not meant to sustain you!

If what you saw on social media was as profound as you claim, then it should inspire you to buy in. Maybe buy into that person's coaching, but more importantly buy in to yourself. THAT IS WHY I STARTED. I wanted you to buy in to yourself soooo much that you invest in yourself. Invest in a therapist. Invest in a personal coach. Invest in personal development books. Invest time in your family. In your friends. In your community. If you haven't invested in yourself beyond scrolling motivating accounts on social media, then what are you doing? What are you lacking in your life that you have to keep going back to social media content to keep going?

As much as I want more for people, they have to want it for themselves.

Listen, I love you, but I don’t want you following me. I want you learning from me, so that you can grow to the point of not needing me, and then go out and teach someone else.

I want you to find growth and healing, and then fall so head over heels in love with yourself and your life that you don’t need to seek validation and motivation from me or from anyone else on social media.

That's always been my dream for you. You don't need social media content to achieve it.


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