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"You're So Lucky"

Growing up and well into adulthood, as I would look at other people and their lives, I would think this frequently... "Gosh, they are so lucky!"

The truth is, someone out there is looking at you and your life and thinking the exact same thing. It's easy to see the best in other people, and it's extremely hard to see the best in ourselves.

We need to remember, that what we project to the world is hardly ever our entire story. We all have good and bad days. We all stumble. We all fall. We all fail. Those people we are admiring? They do too.

After being on the receiving end of compliments like this, I can tell you first hand those people I admired, the people you admire, the people you probably resent a little bit for seeming to have it all (no shame, I know I've felt some resentment)... they are not "lucky". If they truly have what they are projecting, I can promise you this - they worked HARD for it.

Listen, I have a life I am very proud of. From the outside looking in, I know that it looks "perfect" to a lot of people, and I have had many people say "you're so lucky" - I am anything but lucky. In fact, I can point out A LOT of instances where I was the exact opposite of lucky and my life was a total disaster...

Hellooooo, I was an alcoholic 👋 I've been divorced and a single mom. My husband has cancer. I've been job-less and broke. I've searched for validation in men. In work. In my children. I've turned away from Jesus. I've made horrible choices based on lies I told myself over and over...

And I worked SO HARD to overcome all of that and build the life that I wanted. What I have now is not luck. It's work. It took work to get here and it takes work to stay here.

When you see someone you admire, instead of assuming they are lucky, ASK THEM HOW THEY GOT THERE.

There is nothing more rewarding or fulfilling than sharing my story, and being able to help someone else achieve their "lucky" life.


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